The Dear Abby Approach To Problem Solving

Are you the kind of person that others call when they need advice? Do you pride yourself on your compassion and smarts when it comes to aiding others but can't seem to use your loving wisdom when it comes to your problems? Here is a simple game that will enable you to be your own best friend. (read full article)

How To Choose The Perfect Mate

I have the unusual opportunity of dealing with relationships in two ways. I am a Wedding Minister, and I am also a Marriage Counselor. As a Wedding Minister I am privileged to be with couples on one of the happiest days of their lives. I enjoy seeing the loving looks and touches the pair exchange as they pledge to love one another forever. At that moment they truly mean it. Unfortunately, for some, I get to see them later when the relationship has gone sour. My job is to help them learn from the painful experience so they won't repeat it. (read full article)

How To Live Happily Ever After

As you prepare for your wedding you are most likely in a state of euphoria. Love is in the air. You are sure that your love will last forever. But why can’t all couples retain this positive state of grace? What happens to kill love? Love is often destroyed when couples get into four types of unhealthy habits: stonewalling, criticizing, contempt, and defensiveness.(read full article)