Have It Your Way


Some couples prefer short and simple ceremonies and others want longer more elaborate services. We will help you choose from our large collection of poems, readings and vows. We will put it together in a way that reflects your desires. If you prefer to write your own vows or have friends or family members participate we will gladly assist you. Here are some examples of original vows.

I, John, take you, Jane, to be my wife and partner.

I pledge to you my friendship and love.

I promise to encourage you to follow your dreams.

I promise to cherish you, to comfort you and to stand by you,
whatever the future may hold.

I recognize you as my life partner, my mate.

I love you with all of my heart and promise to do
everything in my power to make love stay.

I will remain honest, open and faithful.

I will appreciate every moment with you --
never becoming complacent.

I promise to treat you respectfully and lovingly
as an equal partner.

I vow to nurture and support you in the pursuit of all
your goals and dreams, wherever they may take you -

My beloved,

You give my heart a reason to love.

I want forever to do for you and care for you.

I want to be there when you are sick or lonesome.

I want to hold your hand and share in your beautiful dreams.

Let us grow old together.